Solo round the Globe challenge postponed to 2021


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Hi everyone,

 I pick up my pen a little, I mean my keyboard! I have a little more time since we are dealing with the secound lockdown here in France.

It’s time now for me to announce you that the record challenge around the Globe has to be postponed to next year in 2021 aboard Be the Drop. 

You must have guessed it, since I haven't announced a financial partnership with any company yet, the reality is that it wasn’t the right time with a world crisis to prospect, and it will still be difficult .

The health situation is obviously not helping things, and I cannot go off the hook so it is only natural to tell you that I am pushing the record back until next year.

Indeed, there is still a great technical preparation to be done on the boat, and being a dad forces me to do things right, I cannot leave with old equipment which may blow up halfway!

I'm not the best racer but one of my qualities is my seaworthiness, like having spent days at sea and in conditions that are not always easy. The priority of such a course is to finish, and for that the technical preparation upstream is essential.

My little sailing sessions are piling up aboard the Class40, and there are really points to work on to get this boat ready. Also by the way, there are plenty of videos on Facebook and Instagram, here the last one in strong heavy winds: Video

 The fittings are really old, like two of my winches are at the end of their life, or the deck layout which needs to be optimized. This boat has been passed between several skippers and each has put a bit of their own into it and sometimes there are also systems that have been torn off in DIY mode, which makes certain maneuvers difficult, such as rolling up the sails of before, or adjust the bowsprit ...

We will therefore have to make new holes and fill in old ones. There is a lot of ropes to replace, and put some weight back in the keel bulb too.

The list goes on, but it's all small jobs that can be done quite easily, you just need the onions to finish the soup!

In the meantime, I'm pretty stuck, I have the boat and the sails (well almost) but not a penny for me and I can tell you that it costs my mistress ...

It's stupid but it's like that, it's like being at the gates of paradise, you have the keys and all the hoopla but it gets stuck.

I'm lucky to have my partner who has enormous patience to let me live this dream, she takes it with me, we tighten our belts with our little one but we have hope and like I said, I'm pretty stuck, because selling the boat would be an even bigger loss, namely that the resale price in times of crisis compared to borrowing or reselling new sails would be just a loss, a failure and a colossal debt for life.

But in life no great dream is easily created, it's personal choices.

I always speak to you from an open heart, in a transparent manner. Fortunately, I have the support of technical partners but if I can continue it is mainly thanks to all my donors on both campaigns. I really can't wait to see this dream come true and to give it all back to you while making you dream a bit too.

The “drops” stickers from the donors of the second campaign will be added soon as well.

So there you have it, the project is not abandoned at all, I continued to train towards this goal every day, whether in physical preparation or in solo offshore training and generally in strong wind until confinement.

Well it is certain that to be confined again it hurts morale, sailing is generally prohibited but we are working to have an exemption in order to continue to practice our sport, and yes since professional athletes have the right to continue their training.

And frankly between leaving my home to cycle alone and sailing alone at sea, I find it hard to admit that this is prohibited for health reasons ...!

I will not dwell on this subject, it is so delicate that I will refrain from sharing my thoughts on it with you. I'm here to talk to you about sailing, about a world tour, an adventure and I’ll keep doing it.

I had to announce that I was pushing back to next year.

I am convinced that by dint of believing in it I will get there, there are people who also believe in the project, there are many of you and it touches me, like my team who continues to help me, we have redone the files sponsorship and a makeover of a new “teaser” video which can be found on my website and on social networks.

The search for partners is resuming and I really hope to be able to do some seasonal races in March before setting off on this great trip.


See you very soon, courage and take care of yourself!