Ekosea crowdfunding successful, the project still full on!


Hello !

Can anyone slow down the days?

It's already late August!

I was hesitant to make a video this time to give some news but it would be more of a "vlog" than a "blog", and in the end I like to write, and besides, it's a tradition of sailors and their stories, the logbook!

This world becomes so virtual, and this crisis which lasts, and lasts. I just came back from a sailing trip, rolled by the waves, the wind and the tides for governors, dolphins for traveling mates, the sun like my daddy, the moon like my mom. And then all of a sudden the boat is moored, this moment of life is exchanged with train in London and Paris, watching the crisis, everyone masked, the risk of dying, a frightened world ...

It's not easy to see what we are becoming, I have traveled almost all the seas in the world and her oceans, I traveled  bare foot in the jungle in Australia, I had Dengue fever in Thailand, I almost died there several times,  when swimming in shark-infested waters… 

Yes for me it's difficult to live like this, where I am prevented from living at the risk of dying!

I have always lived knowing that every day could be the last; death is everywhere and always; either we accept it as we accept to live or not and we never do anything with our life. I often say that when you are ready to die you are ready to live.

This is how I dare to want to take up challenges like this round the world trip by the 3 capes or travelling backpacking without a penny to the other end of the world.

 Now, let’s talk about the project, there is a good news, is that the crowdfunding fundraising campaign carried out on the website Ekosea was successful.

We hoped for more money but this amount (€ 5,200) allows us to continue, to keep the boat and to be able to get her out of the water and protect her the time we need to find the partners. There are plenty of things that I can do on her for free, like paint preparation, sand, draw, do the keel, check the rudders,…

The careen and the antifouling also needs to be redone, she's been in the water for a year, so anyway we have to check her bottom out !

We have to keep moving forward, it hurts the stomach to know that partners were due to sign in March, and that now is just not the time. Fortunately, my loaner still allows me to continue. And if we have to postpone a year so be it, but I’m not giving up yet.

 After all, the initial plan was to get the boat out the water around the end of September, if now, by some miracle, we find a partner the next few weeks, then it would still be playable!

 I would obviously like to do an offshore course to validate everything before taking her out, I watch the weather carefully, it is time to go offshore solo for a few days, get my confidence back too and to validate a course like a little qualification, which is done for offshore races but nothing is compulsory for records.

 The boat yard can be covered up fairly quickly, working on the rudders, there is one that is a little twisted, replacing it would be ideal, so you have to review all the bearings, etc.

 Also the deckfittings need to be reviewed or replaced, not all winches are going to hold up for the round the world, they've already seen too much!

The bowsprit is adjustable but the system needs to be reviewed too, we have several solutions, reinforcements must also be made and that will be much easier on land and dismasted.

The ropes and what we call the running rigging like sheets, halyards, must be replaced, and a lot of splicing jobs will have to be done too.

Then you have to work on the keel, before passing the class rules you can gain a little by adding more lead in the bulb to have a better rate of recovery, important for the wild seas of the southern ocean!

 Knowing that all this work can be done quickly, it's mostly paint and composite, and replacing stuff, that's why I continue as if I’ll go this winter, yes it is challenging but that's also what the story is beautiful, a real challenge, the story will even be better !

The boat has what it takes to beat the record, it is above all doing everything to ensure that the boat and I hold out, the most important thing is to complete the course.

So between the essentials mode and a perfect finished racing mode, the budget could be reduced further. That’s the big question now, are we making official that it’s dead for this year or do we just keep going!

 But whatever happens we continue and that thanks again to the supporters and their generous donations!

 Thank you for following me and see you soon!