Never give up!


Hi everyone !

As one of the drops stuck on my mainsail whom also says, the word is : Never give up, never!

Indeed, many of my followers have participated in the crowdfunding campaigns created for the Be the drop / world tour record project.

I know a lot of people are wondering if the project will be successful, if I have found a financial partner, what’s happening, will I continue or not.

Let me reassure you right away, I still have the attention to do this project, it's just a question ... of money!

Every week I go down to the boat, she is still afloat in Lorient. Every time I pass by to see her, I see all these drops displayed all over the cockpit with little messages of encouragement, I'm not lying to you, the emotions are mounting, I grit my teeth, I want to honour so much all of you behind me, to embark everyone on this great adventure, this challenge, and I grit my teeth that I have not yet left.

I look at all the work I have already done, all the helping hands I have received, whether it is in the search for partners or in the preparation of the boat. There is such a great story to be written.

Taking all this into account, the emotions indeed rise, a mix of the fear of failure, rehashing the past while questioning my way of managing the project. When I calculate all these pennies that are gone, if I knew a crisis was coming, I would have waited before repainting everything, changing the sails, but with the "ifs" we don't do anything.

Playing the Calimeros is not my thing at all, that's why I'm always going to criticize myself, see what I did wrong, how to progress, I think of how to bounce back, there aren’t problems they are only solutions.

All those who believe in me, who know me, know that this is my strength, to never let go. These same qualities that can play flaws, also make me this sailor who will always want to surpass himself and who will do everything to take his boat and crew safely.

So I think back to my friends or family telling me that I couldn't know, that this crisis would come, that I was going to find myself in an almost catastrophic financial situation, not to earn any money and have to spend it full, a kinda like a worker with a Ferrari to go to work and has to pay the fuel. 

My lucky star did what she could, I had odd jobs, sailing deliveries that allowed me to get through these difficult months, which still are. I have wonderful memories of a 64 foot transatlantic race and especially the tour of Europe on the 80 foot maxi trimaran!

So telling myself that it's not my fault, to be frank that gives me half the relief, it's probably that trait that keeps me going as well, of being stubborn.

Part of me always feels guilty for not doing better, not sending enough files, or maybe not having contacted enough companies, self-criticism allows me to move forward, to be humble with myself, we can always do better.

And then my gaze goes to the exit of the channel, I observe other skippers entering or leaving training with sails full of logos and knowing my route, I tell myself that I am entitled to it too. The crisis is not over but I dare to believe that the world needs to dream, to have adventure, and that it is time to find myself a sponsor that believe in me as I do!

I go over my life in my head, a bit like a time-lapse film, everything I have already done to get there, first to get out of the street, then to learn the profession of skipper while dishwashing then cooking, Australia and all the adventures that go with it, solo transatlantics, all those navigations, the Clipper race, taking out a loan for the boat, enduring the crisis, becoming a dad. It is knowing where I come from that I find my energy to keep moving forward, and answer the question why I never give up.

My best friends are wondering why I didn't sell the boat, why I'm not moving on, but it's more complicated than that. With everything that has been put in the boat, reselling now would be just a loss and furthermore, a debt to a friend.

There are solutions, like renting the boat the time been, organizing outings. It’s far from easy to make ends meet, but I’m convinced that hanging on will do it.

You can see on my site that I offer on-board sailing, don't hesitate to talk about it, and that with these returns, I can keep it and improve it little by little for my goal of going around the world.

We redid the file and the website also with my loyal technical partners Simply web and Callyleo graphics, who continue to help me, with the objective of being in the starting blocks for the start of the round the world next year in October-November 2022.


Thank you again for your support,


See you soon,




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